Monday, July 7, 2014

9 out of 10 is awesome!...

...Unless you are counting your fingers.  Aaron had an accident at work last Thursday and lost his right pinky.  When I say lost it, I mean it was ripped off in a freak accident involving a garage door opener.....Not fun...He has been doing this:
since he got home from the hospital on Friday.  We got home from VT/NH  (thank you Tina and Allen for having points so we could get airline tickets home and Mom and Dad for paying the points transfer fee!)  just after he got home.  I had to convince him he couldn't go to work on Saturday (he doesn't usually work on Saturday's but since we were supposed to be out of town he was going to fill in at the sales office) and when he called to tell them he wasn't going to be there he found out they weren't expecting him.  Surprise, surprise!  I couldn't stop him from going to his Bishopric meeting and sacrament meeting on Sunday or half a day of work today in the office...I dropped him off and picked him back up because I told him he couldn't drive (and he can't because of the pain medicine).  After both of these outings he has spent the rest of the day sleeping-which he needs to be doing so his body will heal.  We go to a follow up tomorrow to see if he has to have any more surgery.  There wasn't much tissue to work with and the surgeon was concerned about it healing.  Many prayers have been said and we are hopeful that all will be well!

I will start a massive photo drop in the near future...I have lots (400 and something) pictures of our trip to VT/NH. :)