Monday, June 23, 2014

My Friday Night and Saturday's homecoming

Aaron headed to Scout Camp on Friday night which meant I had the evening to myself.  I missed my guys but an evening to myself doesn't happen very often so I took advantage of it and did a couple of projects.

I started in the dining room.  At first it looked like this:

I needed one more plate to replace the white one. But after finding the perfect plate (the one on top) to tie all the colors together, rearranging them a little, and rearranging the buffet, I love the finished product!
I also decided to update my daisy picture.  Here is the before (when I hadn't hung it in the living room yet.  I painted this back in 2011):
And after:
It ties the navy blue in better and...Sadie seems to like it...
But she liked it even better when Jake got home from Scout Camp the next day...

 Jake was happy to see The Lego Movie waiting for him after he was all showered and in clean clothes.
 They guys were pooped and this is pretty much what the rest of the day looked like.
 And a little playing of the 3DS while eating his favorite home cooked meal-creamy crockpot chicken
 Sadie wasn't the only one happy her boys were home. :)