Thursday, June 19, 2014

Because I am a giver...

...I will share a little tip.  This seems kind of obvious to me but I am a I LOVE candles so this is a great excuse to buy more. :)

These are a few of my favorite things Thursday!!!!

I love these candles from Walmart.  They are only $5 and they smell Ah-May-Zing!  If you like other scents go for it, but I am strictly a vanilla girl.  I like the Christmas cookie or sugar cookie smells too but that is really about it. And they are serious with the easy peel sticker.  It comes right off.
 I love to light candles daily.  I love taco's but I don't want my house to smell like them.  I like garlic on about anything but I don't want my house to smell like it.  I like it to smell like vanilla. :)
 And then when I have burned the whole candle I wash it out with really hot water to get all the wax out and I use the containers for storage.  That is the re-use part.  And the justification for buying more candles!
 And while I am at is the half bath that is in our master bedroom.
 I haven't started to decorate it at all.  It will be painted (upon Aaron's request-which I am thrilled to fulfill!) at some point and made pretty.
 The curtains in the whole house were left by the previous owner (aka-my "would be best friend" because our tastes are pretty similar!) and all but Jake's room (and temporarily the living room-I put them back up after feeling like we lived in a fish bowl...did I post about that...?) because he isn't into flower curtains. :)  I gotta tell you a house with just one bathroom is a big NO.  I wouldn't even consider looking at it.  But 1 1/2 baths I can work with!
 And our bedroom is still in the decorating process.  I have posted a few picture of it...but here are a couple to give perspective of the lay out...The bathroom is on the wall that is too the left of the bed,..
 ...the opposite wall from the double windows.
 The door to come in from the hallway is to the right of the closet...
 ...and on the same wall as the dresser and bathroom.  It is to the left of the dresser in this picture.
 And if you leave our bedroom and turned left (if you came straight out the door and through the hallway you would walk into Jake's room. You can't turn right because you would run into the wall at the end of the hall.) and then take your first left, you would come to another littler hallway that leads to the full bath...which is also not decorated but will be soon. 
 I am going to replace our shower curtain at some point.  Not sure with what.  I am kind of loving stripes right now so maybe black (or navy) and white stripes...?  We shall see.  It won't be for a while but when I do it I will post it!
 A new shower curtain, some paint, maybe frame out the mirror and a picture or two and it will look brand new!  Aaron changed out the shower head because apparently people in 1964 were short and he is not!  I will post that and all other "upgrades" when it is all done.
 In the little hallway the bathroom is off there is a linen closet.  But I don't have nearly enough linens to fill it up.... one side is pantry and...
 ...and the other side is linens, bathroom cleaning supplies, and extra bathroom supplies (extra toilet paper (we are Mormons which means we were prepping before prepping was cool), shampoos, etc.
{Sigh}....I am loving our little vintage house...More to come as I organize, decorate, and unpack the last remaining boxes-there are only 5 (I think...2 in Jake's room and 3 in the dining/library) 7 (I just found 2 more...) left!  I can't wait until they are all GONE!!!!!