Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometimes I impress myself: Photo Drop #2

More pictures of our summer and how I impress myself ....

Jake entered a contest at the library that is part of their summer reading program.  They gave 50 teens a disposable camera and they had to take pictures that captured Spartanburg County.  Jake had to finish his early because we will be out of town the day it is due, so we headed out last Friday and Jake took pictures.  There will be three winners and everyone who enters will have their best shot on display in the library during the month of September!
 Doing things like this remind me that I am a control freak.
 I kept asking him if that was the best angle to take the picture at...It also reminds me that Jake doesn't always take direction very well.  He didn't want to listen when I was trying to give him some tips...Of course it could have been he didn't want my help because I started it with my control freak hat, rather then my teacher hat.
 We both have things to work on. :)  It was fun taking pictures of him taking pictures.

 I took this last week.  Our Jeep is awesome...Almost 20 years old and 250k+ miles and still going.  Yesterday it didn't want to start and I have to admit I wondered if it had driven its last miles.  Luckily it was just the battery.  Here's to 50k more miles!
 Father's Day was on Sunday and we got Aaron a couple of work shirts (he needed them and they were 40% off at Target!), a Captain America t-shirt, and book by one of his favorite authors, Brat Thor. 
 He was happy about it.
 We all went to Nana and Papa's house for dinner were we gave our two dad's books. 
 I should have taken pictures of everyone there but I didn't.  But I did get this picture of our three Captain America's-Aaron, Della, and Jeremy.  We were safe with our three super hero's!
 And this is the picture after I enhanced it and changed the coloring on Instagram....I love Instagram!
 Jake left on Monday morning for his first time at Scout Camp.  I took this picture early in the morning when I was getting ready to drive Jake to meet up with his troop....

 ...and then I made it look cooler on Instagram.
 Jake getting in the Jeep....

...and Jake getting in the Jeep after I played around with it on Instagram.
 The laundry I needed to do but was too scared to go out to the carport, where our laundry room is, because of the 4 foot black snake I saw in the backyard as it slowly crawled into the storage space under the house....Naturally I was stuck in the house for hours until my father-in-law hunted for it, only to find it had already moved on...
 And our laundry after I made it prettier on Instagram (that I ended up getting done because once I found out the snake was gone and I felt better).  I even came to the conclusion that even though I hate all snakes, I do hate venomous snakes more, so if this big black snake (that I have named Clive in order to make a connection that will make me not completely hate it...) is a sign there aren't any copperheads (black snakes eat them and mice) we will let it long as I don't have to see it a lot.  I think Sadie must be friends with Clive because I was letting Sadie in when I saw the snake in the yard.  She was sitting on the top stair to the porch looking (in my opinion) right at it.  I was very brave because usually I would scream and cry and freak out in general.  But Clive was hanging out and then moving slowly (slow enough that I decided to take its picture so I could send it to Aaron.  I promptly erased it so I would never have to look at it again after I texted it to him) enough that I had time to throw Sadie's shampoo, flea & tick spray and all the base balls (we have a lot for a people that don't play baseball) we own, at it as it slowly slithered to the storage area.  I did all this from the safety of our porch (that is really a sunroom) through the window that was open (which I closed along with all the other ones that were open because there was a chance the snake would try to crawl up the side of the house and come in the window to get me since I did hit it with the shampoo and a baseball...which didn't do anything except make it stop momentarily.  I thought it would make Clive turn around and leave...not so much...), which I thought was extremely brave.
 I need to take pictures of the stuff I threw at Clive because it is a good memory of a huge step in my snake phobia.  It is the moment I faced my fear and then later decided that the snake didn't have to die.  That is HUGE for a person who wishes all the snakes in the world were dead.  Baby steps to getting over my fear.

So not only did I figure out, on my own, how to upload my pictures from my phone to my computer, I also faced my fears....and emptied a lot of boxes and accomplished a whole bunch...more on that momentarily...