Friday, June 13, 2014

Jake finally meets my birthday buddy

 I hear you saying "aweeeeee" as you look at this sweet little man.  Parker Joseph Harmon is the newest Harmon boy and he is adorable.  I went to the hospital and met him the day after he was born.  Jake didn't get to meet him until the Wednesday after and he was soooo ready!
 He was not to sure about being woken up at first but...
 ...he settled right down
 And Jaxson was "cheesing!" with Jake for the picture. :)
 Love these Harmon boys!
And then Jaxson was ready to play with his buddy Jake.
I need to have a photo session with Jaxson and Parker.  Don't you love how I make it sound like I am a professional or something? Far from it but I like to give my camera a good work out.