Friday, June 13, 2014

Keeping it cool Southern style.

We are lucky enough to live not too far (at all) from a state park and decided last Friday was a good day to take advantage of that fact.  Enough words...Pictures will suffice.

(I love how Jakes' pockets are inside out...opps...words...)
Besides these words...Can you see how Jake's right top eyelid is swollen?  It was for a week and a half (went away one time) so I set up a doctor's appointment (called Wed. morning and we were going in that afternoon).  In just a few hours before going to the doctor's is went away almost completely and hasn't been back-of course.  We went any way and they thought it was just allergies.  I should have called the doctor on day one and it would have disappeared that day!

And these words...Sadie slept for 3 days after her swim and romp through the woods. :)
                                                                     The End.