Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sometimes I impress myself...Photo Drop #1

...and today is one of those days!  I just figured out (all by my none technologically advanced self!) how to put my pictures from my phone onto the computer.  Which means I can now put them on my blog!  Wooo-whooo!  I have been taking a bunch of pictures documenting life in general.  I am kind of loving my phone...even though the learning curve is steep and I have just started the climb!

These are some of the first pictures I took with my phone.  I was just playing around with it. 
 The main reason I wanted a smart phone was to take pictures.  I carry my camera everywhere I go but now I don't have too.  Jake is such a goof ball.  I gave him his summer do which I am sure he is glad about because he is at Scout Camp and it is HOT and HUMID today!
 Love this dog.
 Our dinning room is shaping up quite nicely.  I made some makeshift bookshelves out of wooden boxes...wait I feel like I have typed this before...I will have to go back and check.
 I am working on a picture project.  We are framing a picture of every house we have owned.  I am still searching for a picture of our 2nd house...If I don't find it, it is okay because Aaron's cousin owns it and it is right here in town so getting a picture won't be too tough.  I was just hoping for an authentic, when we lived in it picture.
 Sadie is adorable.
 We babysat a friend of mine's daughter while she was at class and she cracked me up when she said, "Of course it's magic, it's a video game!".  Video games are pretty magical.
 We went swimming at another friends pool. 
 Jake had to go to the doctor...I know I already blogged about that.  Here is a picture of Jake waiting.  We waited forever...
 I voted!...but did not do nearly as much studying up on the candidates as I should have...Next time I will be better.
Here is the mess I made at 10:00 at night while Aaron was out of town.

And here is the photo wall I am working on.  I haven't made any more progress on it, besides putting pictures on a USB that I need to take and develop.
Here are the curtains that I put up after I made the meatballs.  I am in love with my house.
I took a picture of our medicine cabinet minus Aaron's shaving cream, tooth brush, and deodorant.  When he was out of town it didn't smell like him when I opened it.  It felt like a Kodak moment for some reason...
We had Lego Club (for homeschoolers but only because during the school year we meet when public schoolers are at school) at the library, which I am in charge of.  It was a hit and our numbers are picking up.  We are in the rebuilding stage.

I have mentioned before that I love my stove.  Who wouldn't it is adorable!
 And now my spices are sitting adorably in Mason Jars on the back of it.  I saw it on that cooking show on the Food Network with the older lady in the farm house in New York state...I can't remember the name (maybe Farm House Rules...It comes on Saturday after the Pioneer Woman) but she was my inspiration.
 I had to take a picture just because our pears and nectarines are pretty....
 We were at Sam's Club and came outside to this amazing sky.  A little bit of beauty from Heavenly Father to see who was paying attention...I was. :)
 Another few holes in the wall (one of my favorite things about owning a home).  We say the pledge of allegiance every day when we are doing school and I thought the flag would be nice paired with a couple of Norman Rockwell's from my cheap book I got at the book sale a while back.  The first one is Freedom of Speech and the second one is Freedom of Worship.  Aaron fell asleep on the couch watching TV one night while I was hanging them.  When he sleepily passed by I asked him what he thought.  He said, "It looks great!...But I don't know who those people are in those pictures."  I laughed hysterically and told them they were Norman Rockwell's and he wouldn't know the people.  He laughed too but I think he must have been half asleep still.
 Sadie is the furriest dog we have ever had.  Look at this pile of fur I brushed out of her and there were still little Sadie poofs all over the house the next day to vacuum up.  It is a good thing she is so awesome.
 Jake and his Lego's.  I don't think he will ever out grow them. That reminds me: The Lego Movie comes out on DVD today!  I have to go and buy it so when we visit him at Scout Camp tomorrow night I can let him know we got it.  It is so funny to me that even though he his hair is so short you can still see where he slept on it.  This was first thing in the morning.

I have a bunch more pictures which I will post later but right now I have to get ready for book club!  We are bringing and discussing our favorite children's books (not chapter books, picture books).  I am bringing my large stack of Berenstien Bear books.  I love them soooo much.