Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brain Declutter: When Aaron goes out of town and other rambles...

*Whenever Aaron goes out of town, which is not very often, I stay up late being very productive.  I just turned 5 1/2 pounds of ground beef into meatballs that are now cooking in the oven (and will be for a while because there are so many to cook) and will be cooled, food saver-ed (yes I did just make up that word), and put into the freezer for many delicious meals to come.

*Aaron is out of town for a training meeting for work.  I think it is a once a year thing or something.  Although we miss him I have to admit I do enjoy the 2 or 3 nights a year that I get to sleep in the middle of the bed. :)

*Smartphones touch screens are just a reminder of how greasy we human beings really are.

*I love the South...but...it drives me crazy how people down here do not pluralize change.  For example, instead of saying, "Ten cents is your change", they (not all by any stretch of the imagination!..but a lot of Southerners) would say, "Ten cent is your change."  Really ten cent?  It sounds so ignorant to me.  Or maybe lazy is a better word.  Are they really too lazy to just say the "s"? 

*I am searching the house for the box my phone came in.  I have the Verizon bag with my old phone and receipt I need to send in asap for our rebate...but not the box.  I am 99% sure it is in our bedroom which at the moment is a slight disaster.  I need the box because the cord to hook it to the computer is in it.  I am picking up the bedroom tomorrow (I was sorting laundry and going through my clothes, and there are still 2 boxes that I just seem to unpack into "organized piles just to put it back into the box because I don't know why we have all that stuff and yet I can't part with it...) and I am sure I will find it....if not I am seriously going to pay Jake $5 to go through the one trash bag (that has been outside in the big trash can in the 90+ degree weather stinking it up...) that is possibly (but not likely...I am sure it is in the house) could be in.

*Homemade meatballs are delicious.  And cleaning the kitchen as you cook makes me feel so domestic and productive.

*I can't find my AA battery charger either for my camera.  I was going to take a picture of my new smartphone in my pretty case with my camera but it is dead.  I could be one of those people that takes a picture in the mirror to show it but that really isn't me.  It can wait until I find the charger.  It's probably in our room too.

*I am working on a photo wall in our living room and I LOVE it.  Is it wrong that the only people on it are Jake, Aaron, and me? It really isn't a question because it is my house and I like it the way it is... I  just feel like I need to put extended family up there too but I am just finding so many picture I love of us. :)  I will have another wall for everyone else.

*All (to my knowledge) of our books are out of their boxes and one shelves (some make shift) and I love it.  I have pictures of it but no way to post them right now because they are on my phone...which I ca....Wait!  I think my charger is that cord!!!!  I love it when my brain kicks in late at night when it should be sleeping!  I have already been using the cord I was looking for in the box.  It is the charger cord/cord that hooks into your computer when you pop the square plug off.  DUH!!!  But I don't know how to put the pictures from my phone onto my computer...I tried and got scared that I would mess something up so I will just wait until Aaron gets home to figure it out.  Husbands are so useful.

*While the last of the meatballs cook and cool down I am thinking of ironing the curtains that were up in the living room when we moved in.  I love them but I also love just the sheer curtains too.  I will take pictures of that too and post it.  I like to have the blinds open during the day but I don't like feeling like I live in a fish bowl because you can see right in.  I have tried turning the blinds all different directions to let light in and yet be kind of closed-ish, but you can still see right in.  Curse you big beautiful window in my living room! :)

*I leave a lot of lights on when Aaron isn't here.