Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Vintage Home: The Spare Bedroom... what maybe to some, a few too many pictures...but it is my blog so there.

Before: This picture (that I dolled up on Instagram) is what the spare bedroom looked like just yesterday.  Don't judge me people.  I had to have a place to throw all the stuff I didn't know what to do with!
 After: (also Instagram pictures...I love the way it makes it look old)  The picture to the left above the light is one that Ranee made us when Jake was born.  It gives all his birth stats and has the words to "I Am A Child of God" on it and there is another picture on the opposite wall that she also made us.  I should have taken another one so you could see it.  You can also see the first picture I hung on the wall when we moved in: Jake's first finger painting.  My mom made the pillow with the orange stripe after I told her what I wanted.  The striped pillow behind it is the pillow case from a set of sheets that Aaron and Jake gave to me for Christmas years ago.  The sheets are on the bed.
My Grampa Smith made me the hope chest and the box on top was his wives (my mom's mother who I never met.  Ruby was here name.  How fun would it be to be named after a gem stone?!)...and it is my mom's but I am sure she will think it looks amazing sitting there so she may let me keep it for a little while (she already let me paint it and distress it).  It seems like a great place to keep love letters.  Aaron and Jake start writing me some!  That is my beloved first (and only) laptop my parents bought me as a "bonus" for selling their house for them and there is one of Aaron's guitars that Jake is (off and on) learning to play on.
 Here are more that I took today that are the real deal.  No cool filter to make it seem retro.  I kind of love that this room feels kind of grandmotherly.  It is totally different from the way I usually decorate.  As you can see it isn't totally done but it is getting there.
The bears are mine.  The one with the sweater is one Aaron gave me for our first Christmas.  The yellow bear is one my mom made for me when I was little.  The white box (that has daisies painted on it-by my mom) has my wedding bouquet in it.  There are all sorts of nick-knacks in this room and I LOVE IT! The dresser is one my parents bought me when we moved to Charlotte (way back in 1989!  They bought it along with the bed in our master bedroom and the desk in the living room).  I love it because I felt like it was something from Little House on the Prairie days...And of course there are pictures of Jake every where!
This is the old sewing desk my mom turned into regular desk that my computer sits on and is where I am sitting as I type.  The jar is for the "Daddy's Bike Fund".  The Willowtree figurine is from Nana and refers back to President Utchdorf's talk on Five things to Forget Not because she is holding forget-me-not flowers.
Jake is two in that picture and it one of my favorites.
This is over the bed and we made it for Family Home Evening years ago.
This is The Living Christ and that someone made for us...Was it you who made this one also, Ranee?  I should remember...I love it either way!
That piece of wood was in the closet...I should have taken it out of the room for the picture but oh well...
 A side table I painted, a lamp Papa Harmon made and I painted, the lamp shade I hot glue gunned ribbon onto years ago when we were poor and I wanted to be crafty, our engagement, pre-wedding, and wedding pictures, and of course our Jesus in Gethsemane statue...As if you can't see what is in this picture and all the others above...The point is they all have memories attached to almost everything and that is why I love this room.
 And how could I foget!  The ceiling in this room looks like this:
 From the spare bedroom you look into the hallway and across to the dining room which is the room I am working on right now.  Which means it is in the "worse before it is better" stage.  And no the halls aren't pink (it is just the lighting).  They are what the living room was before we painted it.  We lovingly call it "flesh tone".  It will be painted over eventually.
If you were in the dining room you would see this:
The door to the left of the spare bedroom is one of our pantries.  The bags on the floor are those huge boxes of flavor blasted Goldfish (or as Aaron calls them: "the big box of deliciousness") that I found on sale for $3 off a box!  Score!
Oh that is all the pictures...The end.  :)