Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our backyard...where I met Clive

This is our back door to the porch (..sun room...We haven't decided what to call it yet.  It is more than a porch...we are working on it). It's called a jealousy door. How cute is that?
This is our sun room (I am going to go with sun room for this post)...It needs some TLC.  We have eaten out here a couple of times and Jake has done Insanity (a really hard exercise video) out here...But other then that it hasn't seen much action yet.  In the fall we will probably LIVE out here.  Summer is in full affect in SC so it is too hot and humid to enjoy it right now.
Jake puts the puzzle mats down to exercise on.  Aaron found the screens for the windows under the house but they are in need of repair.  A few of them are ready to go in the windows and Aaron has the screen to fix the others.  But after working outside in the heat all day the last thing you want to do is come home and work in it!  The screens will probably be a project for the fall.  I have it on my to do list to get out here and sweep and arrange and make it pretty out here.
If you look up you can see our star lights and blue ceiling.  I love the prior owners of our vintage home (that is what I like to call it).  They left the lights for us.
This is the window (that was open but isn't now...) that I was throwing baseballs at Clive (if you don't know who Clive is you need to go back and read my last post first) from.  That black wire basket had 5 or 6 in it. 
Here are some of the things I threw at Clive the snake.  I have pretty good aim and hit her (I know the name is a boy name but I feel like the snake is a girl.  In my mind that makes her less dangerous) a couple of times and she didn't care.
Can you see the other balls that I threw?  Pretty much in the path Clive took...That playset was left by the prior owner and we had it out for Jaxson to play on.  It was out in the yard but Jake pulled it on the concrete pad to cut the grass.
You can see the top step in this shot (through the screen/glass door) where Sadie was laying, casually watching Clive. 
This is the storage area I was referring to in my last post.  Jake keeps his bike in there and the grill goes in there.  It actually goes in pretty deep and turns a corner and there is storage under the steps.  I don't go in there.  I did pull the grill out to use it the other day.  I will not be doing that again.  It is good to have a husband and son that will do it for you.  I have come to grips that Clive is our neighborhood watch snake against mice and copperheads but I don't want to come up close and personal with her.

This is our nice, big yard.  Sadie is retrieving the baseball I threw for her.  Now they will get some use.  The baseballs are actually better than tennis balls because you can see them in the yard.

By the way this is the back of our house.  Do you see the door kind in the bottom right corner?  That is the "studio".  It is were I will eventually paint some furniture.  That is where the ping pong table (that the prior owners-Jake's hero's-left) is and a work bench.  It is pretty cool.  I will take pictures another day.  I am just impressed that the day after the big black snake incident, I went into the backyard at all! The first window on the left is the laundry room that is off the carport (pictures to be taken another day), then the sun room.  The double windows to the right of the sun room is the dining room (which I was going to finish unpacking and decorating today but I am doing this instead!).  The next window is the full bath and then the last window (it is actually double windows.  You can only see one because the Cedar tree is blocking the other in this shot) is our bedroom.
While I was out there taking pictures I filled Sadie's water bowl up.  She really wanted me to spray her but I just put the heart worm/flea medicine on her back a few days ago and I am paranoid.  I also saw 3 little tiny frogs that I am sure Clive will take care of.

She settled for getting her face sprayed as I filled the bowl up.
That is a happy pup.
And that is our sun room and backyard!