Sunday, June 8, 2014

Photo Drop Catch Up: My birthday...

I have a problem. I take way too many pictures and then  (or would it be than...some times it is so obvious which one to use and sometimes my mind just I am sticking with then it seems right) I have a really hard time picking my favorites to post...Believe it or not this is very narrowed down...My birthday in pictures:

Jake, following tradition, made me breakfast in bed.  
We actually all ate breakfast in bed.  Aaron was there he just choose not to be photographed at this time.
Then we ate lunch...That is the way this picture makes it look but there really was a few hours in between that I didn't feel the need to photograph.  This was our oh-so-yummy barbeque we ate at the Biltmore house.
Jake is really into blacksmithing and was really excited to watch and learn how it is done.
I kind of love this picture.  My birthday gift was one of these key chains (not this particular one) that you can only get at the Biltmore house because this is a Doc W. Cudd Jr. original design.

 Jake chatted with Mr. Cudd about being interested in being a blacksmith and he said if Jake ever had any questions he could ask him.

We had to wait until he made another key chain to get mine so we hung out in what used to be the old stables of Biltmore Estate.

While the guys were playing checkers I couldn't help but wonder which things Mr. Cudd had made.  I wonder if he made this door latch?
It was sooooo hot in the Blacksmith workshop.  We were sweating by the time we left.
Then we went to check out the barnyard. 

Then we headed up to the house.  We only went around to the veranda to look at the view.  We were headed to the gardens on this particular visit.
But not before we took our pictures with the lions.
I forgot to mention that as we were leaving town we got a text message saying Erin was at the hospital in labor.  Before we even got to Biltmore we got a text saying that Parker had been born!  It only took 40 minutes!  So I got a new nephew to share my birthday with.  Not a bad gift at all. :)
Here we are on the veranda...That isn't what they call it at the Biltmore but I can't remember what they call it there so we are just going to go with Veranda.
And the view...I love it...

This is a great water fountain.

This part of the side yard feels very Pemberly, Mr. Darcy's country home, in Pride an Prejudice to me for some reason.
Another great fountain...
I love this picture of it...I love my camera.

The gardens were beautiful and I took a gazillion pictures...Here are just a few...

There are so many beautiful busts and statues...I remember reading a book when I was a child and in it the main character had a bust.  They were just a kid and they had one (of Freud maybe) in their room or something...I can't remember anything else about the book except I thought that was very cool.

This made me think of Monet...I love Monet..

 There is something to be said for walking in history....and sitting in it. :)

 I love this one...

After spending the day exploring the gardens and the blacksmith shop at Biltmore Estates we headed back down the mountain and meet Nee and Papa for dinner at the Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants).  Aaron had recently received a $50 gift card to Olive Garden from work so it was perfect timing.

It looks like 38 is going to be a pretty good year.  I am just glad to be back to an even number!