Friday, July 18, 2014

Brain Declutter: Things I love in pictures...

*I have recently (3 days ago) become obsessed with our clothesline...I have mentioned my love for it before, but I have been snapping pictures of it left and right!
*I put up my candle holders that other day.  I love them.
*I love our Principal and math tutor, Mr. Harmon.
I love this boy who is looking more and more less like a boy and more like a man.  He just looked so big and grown up sitting there so I had to take a picture.
*I love books.  And I do, on occasion, judge them by there cover...and title.  This one sounded good.  As you leave the teen section at our library there is a section of large print books and this one stood out to me.  It is funny to me that there is a large print section and that it has lots of children's books.   It just seems unusual to me because the kids books are downstairs in the kid section and you would think the large print would be for older people.  Either way I checked it out!
*I love America's best because Jake had an eye exam and got two new pairs of glasses---all for a grand total of $104.  We can handle that!  Here is a picture of Jake with a pair of his new glasses.  We were at the library in one of the study rooms in this picture.  I will have to get a picture of him in his other new ones. 
*I love clothespins holding up bits of peoples personalities blowing in the breeze...Aaron is a sports loving Jedi.
*I love being transported to the late 1800's (Little House on the Prairie to be exact) while hanging my bedspread on the line...

...and then being brought back to reality by my pooper scooper toting child.
*I love that Jake loves that he is growing taller than so many people.                                               
*I love this picture.
*I love Ikea and these adorable little lanterns I am going to get at some point... hang in our Sunroom like this.
*I love the anticipation of getting to the Swedish meatballs in the labyrinth that is Ikea.
*I love this island at Ikea that I would like to purchase some day for our kitchen.
*I love Della squeezing into this tiny chair.
*I love that Ikea now has doll house size versions of their furniture.
*I love the Swedish meatballs.
*I (and all my peeps) love free wi-fi.  And no we didn't sit like this for very long.  We chatted through lunch and had just an after lunch moment of technology.
*I love the new pillows I got at Ikea.
*I love the smell that clothes dried on the line bring into the house.
*I love this old Jeep in spit of the fact that the AC died years ago.  New front tires were needed for this baby last week.
*I love the small NYC style shopping carts they have now at Bi-lo.  It makes me feel like Kathleen Kelly from one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail.  If you haven't seen it than you are need to immediately, if not sooner.  I also laughed my head off when Aaron and I watched Austenland last Friday night.  I am ready to watch it again already.  I also love that Aaron told me to rent a chick flick in the first place!  I am usually out numbered two to one in the movie department but Jake was at the Temple and we had a stay at home movie night.
 *I love taking our crazy dog on a walk even though she is horrible walking on a leash.
 She tries so hard to be good.
 ...but she really wants to walk us....or get us to run with her.  There is a road in our neighborhood that we take her leash off and let her run.  She is very good at coming back when we whistle "Shoo fly don't bother me" to her.  That is her special whistle song.
 *I love that Jake was giving her a pep talk to get her to walk better.  It didn't work.
*I LOVE this picture of  when Sadie was just a little bear....Random memory photo...Holy cuteness!
 *I love that she is such a cuddle dog.  It is a good thing that she is so sweet because her shedding hair is every where.  All the time.  I vacuumed yesterday and there are fluffs of fur floating around again today.  She is our fur ball.

*I love the tender mercies of the Lord!  We thought Burt (the newer of our two old vehicles. 17 years old with 234+k miles) was dead the other day when the shop called and told us it would take $800 to repair it...which is probably just slightly less than what the car is worth-so too much to justify the repair.  We told them not to fix it(Aaron was changing the spark plugs and 2 of them were in a very hard to reach location.  When he went to take one of them out it broke and wouldn't come out.  The shop said they would have to take some major part out just to get to it and the labor was intensive) and start trying to make plans.  The next day (yesterday) Aaron called me excited to say that the mechanics decided to try to one last way to get the broken spark plug out (they just poured oil in it and let it sit over night and it came out!) and it worked.  So for a fraction of the cost that we thought Burt is running again!
 ...when I went to pick Burt up...he was dead. Ugh!  It turned out the battery died because they didn't know a trick about Burt that we do.  When you put it in park you have to pull the...shifter thingy...what is it called? Oh well!  You have to pull the shifter thingy back just slightly until you hear it click, otherwise it doesn't turn off all the way when you take the key out.  They jumped it and he was up and running again! 
I kept Burt running while I vacuumed and cleaned him out.  This is what cars look like when guys that work in construction drive them around to dirty job sites all day....And this is after I cleaned out the soda cans and other trash. :)
 *I love a fresh clean car.  I cleaned the the Jeep out the other day (that is it's name: the Jeep.  It didn't have any labels proclaiming its name like Burt did)  Burt looked like a new car all cleaned up.
 *I love that there are perks of having a big kid.
 Burt got clean on the outside too....
 ...and I didn't even have to do it. 

*I love that!