Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Photo Drop Part 1: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Lots of pictures with incomplete sentences that are the thoughts that pop in my head when I see them...

When did he grow up?  At Charlotte Douglas...
 I love this picture.  We are on our way to Laguardia in NYC for a layover...

 NYC picture is supposed to be legendary...Not so much, Jake loved his.  The photo bomber was indifferent.
 They had Ipad's every where and barely anyone used them because everyone had their own devices.  We used it to find Camp.

 He is too grown up.

 On our way to VT!!!

 Another new favorite of us.
 I did something to annoy/embarrass him...I can't remember what it was (maybe wanting to take another picture..?) but I love these pictures.

 Dinner at Friendly's.  Mom is there too-her finger in the picture proves it.

 And we finally made it to a little piece of heaven on earth....Camp.

 Jake's favorite bed at Camp is the hammock.

Now I have just a few hundred more pictures to go through to finish posting our VT/NH vacation. :)  I have looked back at year's past and realize there I times I have never gone back and posted about our trips.  This time I am going to do it-even if it is just pictures with a few words.