Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jake's Birthday Party.

 Cookie cake in progress...
 Hot dogs cooking in the crockpot...

 Buddies to run around like crazy with...
 Check, check, and check!
 (Note to self in 20 years: This picture speaks volumes...Do you remember why? Has anything changed?)
 The girls decided watching was much safer than playing (Della...why so serious? I am about to keep it real: this is the normal teenage girl, I am way too cool to be here face).
 Gaga ball was the favorite game of the night.
So BLESSED!!! I am so glad Jake has such a great group of friends.  I also love that Elizabeth was such a good sport and had fun laughing at these crazy guys since she was the only girl there for most of the party.

 Jake had a huge deposit to make into his checking account after this party!