Sunday, September 6, 2015

August Randomness

The house plants are on vacation on the back porch soaking in some vitamin E, the principal making math make sense, Aaron on the fixer upper in the Carolina clay, Jake writing his book, Sadie and Jake going on a jog, and what my shirt looks like after a Sadie hug....

Light Saber's...and I still need to find a picture of our 2nd home.
A glimpse of our life...Nerf guns, school books, pool bag,  Jake's new sweatshirt, lunch bag, water bottles...Life.
We took a field trip to clean the Temple.

And Wendy's for lunch on the way home...
Panera Bread with the old book club when Jen came to visit from VA beach.

Aaron some how found time to make me two mason Jar lamps for our anniversary. I love him. :)

He got a storm trooper.
Jake's comic book has a 3-D feature thanks to scanning it with a smartphone.

Boys and their toys.

On the way out to our anniversary dinner at Bronco's Mexican restaurant.

Our sweet reverent kiddos in Primary.

The end.