Friday, June 4, 2010

This post is for Nee (Grammie) and Papa G.

Nee and Papa here are just a few of the TONS of pictures we took over the weekend. Expect to get them in the mail soon...Along with Jake's Upward b-ball DVD, mail, pictures colored by Jake and letters, and anything else that we need to send you...School is out in 3 DAYS so we will be able to get it all done. For now enjoy pictures of the 9 people who love and adore you!

I can't remember why they were grumpy...It may have been because we told them they couldn't change out of their church clothes until we took some pictures. I couldn't resist the face Sam. You will look back in 20 years and laugh. :)

Jake was grumpy too but managed a smile in time for me to take the picture.

Waiting to see if we were going to actually take a picture. Ben was tired, we were all ready to eat and Aaron hadn't gone to church because of his headache so postponed the pictures and took them the next day before our race.

But I did get a few:

Tina taking a picture of me taking a picture. :)

On Saturday night Aaron got a really bad headache. I think it was a migraine. He ended up throwing up so hard that he burst blood vessels around his eyes and even on his forehead. I think his face was even a little swollen poor guy...I of course had to document it all with a picture.

Ben 10 (In honor of one of Jake's favorite TV shows. Ben is 17 months) loved this Jeep all weekend. (Jake's assistant teacher in the 2nd grade gave it to him for his birthday. She was awesome and she LOVED Jake)

Sam the Man. (He is 2 1/2 months younger than Jake)

Anika Bananika (11 1/2)

Saku Badaku (6)

Playing in Jake's room. (There isn't an individual picture of Jake because it was fuzzy and I didn't realize it until later...And the names I typed above are the nicknames I call the kiddos)

They spent tons of time on your swing. Who knew so many games could be invited on that swing!

This is the best one I got... :)

Eating dinner. This was going to be the big boys table but they convinced Anika to sit with them too.

Ignore how messy the kitchen is...It was right after dinner and we hadn't done the dishes yet.

And a few more because that just wasn't enough already!

We miss you so much and wish you were here! But we are glad you are where you are! We love you and are so proud of all your efforts to serve the Lord and Missionaries on your mission.