Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jake's Summer Vacation Interview Part 1: Day 12

Me: So, Jake how is your summer vacation going so far?
Jake: Fantastic! I love it!

Me: Why do you think Phineas and Ferb (an awesome cartoon on the Disney channel that chronicles what 2 brothers do over their summer vacation) get 104 days of summer vacation and you only get 74?
Jake: Because they have a much better school and it's not fair! :)

Me: If you had Phineas and Ferb's skills and resources what would you make?
Jake: A giant Sonic robot.

Me: What did you ask me to let you do for the first week of vacation?
Jake: Watch TV and play the Wii for the whole week.

Me: And did that happen?
Jake: YES!!...No...

Me: What book are you reading right now and how is it?
Jake: Percy Jackson and the...Uhh...Hold on I'll go see. (Yelling from his room) And the Titans Curse!!!

Me: How do you feel about the fact that you have a reading list and small project you have to do before you go back to school?
Jake: What?!?! ...YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT! I feel horrible about it...
Me: Can you explain the following pictures please?
Jake: Ben 10 toys...Messy?
Me: I just want to have proof that we spent 3 days playing Ben 10!
Jake: Not true! Psych! Psych-your mama rides a mini bike!
(Looking at next picture) Super Mario Galaxy Wa-whooooo! 2!!! (We rented it and played it A LOT...Yes my house is quite messy in the background...)

Me: Can you tell us how you felt about the famous "scooter wreck"
Jake: I feel horrible!
Me: Why?
Jake: Because!
Me: Because why?...
Jake: Because it was my scooter. My scooter, my responsibility.
Me: It wasn't your fault buddy!
Jake: I don't care I feel that way.

Me: How was Father's Day?
Jake: Happy!

Me: Why didn't you help your mother...I mean me, make these cookies for your dad on Father's Day? And are they as delicious as they look?
Jake: They look more delicious than they taste...Wait! Wait! I mean they taste more delicious than they look! Because I didn't want to help...Any way you make the most delicious cookies! (kissing me on the check while he answers to butter me up!)

Me: Why did you say Daddy married me?
Jake: Because he likes your food. :)

Me: How did you like making "Jake's Noodle Tubes" (otherwise known as manicotti. I don't know how to spell it and spell checking isn't helping...)?
Jake: I loved it!
Me: Can you explain the pictures below?
Jake: No..hehe...
Stirring the cottage cheese...

It's supposed to be...(giggling)..I didn't know my face looked like that in the picture! I look crazy! Okay (deep breath) That's supposed to be me looking...Looking like my hands are gross. (We used our hands to fill tubes)
That's the Jake's Noodle Tubes without the sauce on top...This is boring! Can't you say: "Jake Harmon (like a news caster) what are these pictures below?"
Me putting sauce on...
After it's done. Done, done, done! hehe...

Me: Who are you talking to in this picture?
Jake: Nee and Papa. :)

Me: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
Jake: I don't know...Lots of stuff.
How much more?....
Me: What did you think when I was driving the truck today and bumped into a white minivans front bumper in the Family Video parking lot? (Yes, that really happened. Not a big deal but I felt horrible! Long story...Luckily the lady was super nice and when we went to their house to work it out. **They are a very sweet Mexican couple who didn't want to call the police or use insurance...They maybe illegal aliens...*** When we went over they said we could give them $100 and call it even. Phew...Thank you Heavenly Father!)
Jake: Erase that right now. Mommy I don't like to talk about stuff like that. (He went to his piggy bank when we got home and took out his money to give me. I didn't take it obviously. He is on this kick of protecting me and worrying about me so much. He thinks if I am at all worried that he in some way may have caused it-he had bumped his toe right before the "bump" and said I must have been distracted worrying about him...Has anyone ever been through this before? I think it is because I am working and he feels the need to take care of me when I get home.)
Me: One more question. Tell me a few things you have already done this summer.
Jake: Watch Phineas and Ferb-it's a huge hit! Played the Wii. Went to Corey's house. (played the Wii and went to his pool)...This is over...Cheerios! (I think he meant Cheery-oh!)