Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have conquered my U-Scan hatred!

I made it through another day and it was so much better than it has been. I don't know why I let it bother me so much before. I think it is because I was taking peoples bad attitudes personal. They aren't mad at me, they are frustrated with the machine that won't stop talking to them! I also hope you all realize I was never actually rude to anyone-I kept my frustrations inside at work and vented it all here on my blog. I guess the venting worked! Amazing what venting a little (okay a lot...) changing your attitude can do. :)

I also got to split my time between U-Scan and greeting. I even worked in the floral department a little. I had one of our regular customers (a sweet black man that I think is a preacher and likes to talk as much as I do), give me a hug and tell me how excited he was to have only paid $5 for a tank of gas (thanks to our fuel perks program! I am about to redeem my savings of $2.65 off per gallon of gas. Yes, you read right. It will be completely free.)! Am I changing the world by helping people with their groceries? No, but it feels good to help the sweet little old man register his new bonus card, and help the mom with three kids find that last item she needs so she can get her crew home. It is the little things that matter. So, I guess I didn't have a concussion, I just needed to change my attitude. And my scooter wreck injuries are healing just fine too. (Also, I know it isn't proper grammar when I start sentences with "and" but that is the way it talk, so that is the way I type. Just consider these little conversations.)