Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Father's in my life..

Dear Aaron,

I am not even sure where to begin. You are the best in every way I can think of. You are a wonderful husband and an awesome daddy. You now how to have fun and make us laugh. But you also know when to take charge and take care of what needs to be done. I am so proud of your decision to go back to school. You are and always have been a great example to Jake. Thank you for all that you do for me and Jake. You always put us first. You are our protector. You have always worked so hard to take care of us and never complained. I am so thankful for you.

I love watching you and Jake. You guys laugh and joke and are so much a like. I love it when you are teaching him. Whether it is how to start a camp fire or do math. You always make it seem like there is nothing else you would rather be doing.

I still have the little card that was on the flowers you gave me on my first Mother's Day, when I was pregnant with Jake. It says "You are going to be the best mother ever. I love you-Aaron". That was nine years ago. Where has the time gone? Today I just want to say: You are the best dad ever. I love you-Carrie

Dear Dad,

When I was thinking about what to say to you I just kept thinking of dancing. I know it sounds strange but I love dancing and I can look back over my life and think of different times I have danced with you. When Tina and I were little we would dance in the kitchen to Kenny Rogers and you would let us stand on your feet. Maybe that is where I got my awesome dance moves. :) I remember at Whale Back ski area when they would have the band and we would always dance. Most of the other kids there would be off playing but Tina, Pat, Ryan, and I would always stay with you adults to dance. I remember that you would always smile and tell Mom how good a dancer I was. I thought I must be the best dancer there since you told me that. I also remember dancing at my wedding with you to "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks. I remember the time when I was a teenager and we got in a fight (pretty normal-I was a big brat to you at times...I am sorry for that). I remember you had us all go into the family room and you played that song for us. You told us that no matter what you wanted us to know you loved us because you would not always be around to tell us and you didn't want us not to know it.

I have always known you loved me. I am thankful for all the memories I have of what a great father you are. I picture riding our bikes at camp on the rail road tracks and you carrying Fresca on your back in a basket. I remember riding in that big open cockpit airplane with you and doing flips and I thought I have the coolest dad in the world. I remember going to your airshows and watching people line up to get your autograph and we got to stand behind the rope with our special t-shirt and I KNEW I had the coolest dad in the world.

Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for. I love you-Carrie

Dear Harold,

From the moment I met you I felt 100% accepted. The rest of the family was nice to me, but I could tell they were waiting to see if I was really going to stick around. But you made me feel comfortable from day one. I remember you showing me how to use your lathe (is that how you spell it?) and I made a bowl. I was trying so hard to make you think I was good at it for the first few minutes. Then I remembered you wouldn't care one way the other if it was the best bowl ever or lopsided, so I just didn't worry about it and had a great time. You have a way of making everyone feel comfortable and I appreciate that so much. I loved watching Aaron and Jake make Jake's Pine Wood derby car. It made me picture you and Aaron doing the same thing. Aaron kept saying you have to keep sanding it Jake because that is what my dad always told me to do and it works. After Jake won the race he said Papa Harmon was right and he couldn't wait to show you his car.

Thank you for teaching Aaron to be such a hard worker. He always tells us about all the projects he used to do with you. Thank you for teaching him to keep his priorities straight and keep pushing for what you want. Thank you for teaching him to honor his Priesthood. Thank you for always making me feel comfortable and loved.