Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Part 1: Our house

My twins coming out to check out what is under the tree.

We always do the dog stocking first.  Sadie is a huge fan of Christmas (nothing like Daisy she loved all holidays), which you will see in later pictures as she watched Jake with excitement as he opened all his gifts.

She is only so patient.

Jake's stocking comes next...

Aaron must have been jealous of something when I took this picture. :)

That was Jake raising the roof for a book but it wouldn't let me type it next to his picture...Aaron got a Gamecocks tuke...

...and a stripped one.  Gotta keep that bald head warm!

Sadie was very happy with her tennis balls.

Mom and Tina printed our blog for 2013 for us!  Woo who!!!

This is all pretty self explanatory really....We are all spoiled!

This was the best moment.  Jake getting his favorite book series ever (Eragon)  in hard back books.  :)  Sadie thought it was pretty awesome too.

Aaron was super excited about his robe.

Sadie thought this one might be for her...Really it was from her to Jake. :)

If you haven't seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 then you need to see it...unless you haven't seen the first one-then you should watch that first.  They are both great.

One of my favorite gifts (along with everything else I got) was my green Mason jars!

I wonder if this will be the last year we get Lego's for Jake.  Probably not.  He will probably be a life long Lego-r.

I love Sadie in this picture.  She was so excited for Jake the whole time.

I had to recreate Jake's happiness over getting books.

I got several this year.  Do you recognize these Aunt Gloria and Shannon?  Jake official gave them to me since I love them so much! :)

Aaron liked both his new hats so much he wore both of them.

I got Unbroken!!!!

Lots of books means it was a good Christmas.

I love my stackable rings too!

The aftermath...

...and immediately on to some cooking for later in the day...

...while my handy man fixes my cabinet.

This is raspberry fool before the raspberries are folded in.  I found the simple recipe of Pinterest and it is divine! 

Merry Christmas too us!  We are utterly and completely blessed.