Monday, December 29, 2014

Corn Maze, Hay Ride, & Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

 The Fall is a great time for field trips which means we have to do this on the way to field trips:

 We decided to take a picture of our children to remember them by-in case they got lost in the maze forever...or if we did!

 We all survived (and the kiddos may or may no have had to help us out...but they got out quickly because the family that owns the farm homeschools and their son helped them!) and were ready for the hay ride.  Look at all those crazy homeschoolers! :)

 At the pumpkin patch we were given a quick lesson on pumpkins which was pretty interesting...not that I remember any of it...which is why I should have blogged about this back in October instead of now, months later when I can't remember...Lesson learned.  Again.

You had to raise your hand when you found the pumpkin you wanted so the lady could come and cut it for you.

Have I mentioned that homeschooling rocks?