Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's

(Post dating this one...I actually typed this on 1/4/15)
On New Year's Eve day I finally got the motivation to take all the Christmas decorations down.  I usually have them down pretty quickly after Christmas because I am ready to get the house back to normal. But since I wasn't being a Scrooge this year it all got to stay up longer!

My helper and his assistant, who cannot miss anything, made this a pretty painless and quick task.

On occasion they got a little distracted but that is mostly Sadie's fault.  She loves her new toys so much she wants to play with them pretty much all the time.

This is the face of a boy who at times acts like a teenager but is so good I forgive him for it. :)

This ornament was from my Nana.  I love angels and it is holding an emerald gem for my birthday month.  I always hang all the angels near the top of the tree. 

Until next year beloved ornaments!

Sadie bid them farewell too...while sniffing for any hidden treats.  There were none so we closed the lid!

And down went the tiny Charlie Brown tree.

We gathered all the other things to the dinning room and boxed them all up.  A couple of years ago I downsized our Christmas decorations in a Scrooge moment...and it is the best Christmas gift I ever gave myself.  We have 2 Rubbermaid containers, a box with my beloved (I may use that word too much...) Willow Tree Nativity, 2 ornament wooden hat boxes (ours and Jake's),  the tree in a box,  a little set of 3 Narnia Trees...  
...***why blog will you let me type beside some pictures and not beside others?!?!?!***... in a box and one tall blue Santa in another box.  That sounds like a lot but compared to what I see other people bring out of their attic I think we keep it pretty simple.  So simple that start to finish (including vacuuming up the Charlie Brown fake tree needles), we were done in an hour.  And I am so glad I have a 13 year old boy that puts the stuff in the attic for me.  And Aaron must have thought it took us all day because he was impressed we got it all done when he got home! It doesn't get any better than that!