Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Don't judge me... & VT/NH Post #2

Don't judge me people.  For some reason I am horrible at actually posting the millions of vacation pictures I take.  I don't think I ever went back and finished posting pictures from the 2 trips we took to Vermont last year and that is history now.  There is no going back.  Literally.  The blog book for 2013 is in a box, in my kitchen (the Powell's family Christmas/my b-day gift) and will be wrapped and put under the tree today or else I will not be able to wait until Christmas to open it!!!...But back to the point at hand:  I will post EVERYTHING this year before 12/31...yes I have already said that and I am on a mission people.  I have gone back through my pictures (back to August...I will go back the rest of the year once that part is caught up!) and I will be posting it all! 

This post however is part 2 of the VT/NH post...There will be very few words.  If in 29 years we can't remember what we were doing we can just make something up.

Okay..this is only the first good swim on day 2 of the trip....I am going to take a new approach to getting these pictures on the blog....I will return.  Camp rocks by the way!