Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day: Nee and Papa's

We headed over to Nee and Papa's at 10 and enjoyed cinnamon rolls and gifts...This is also pretty explanatory, so this will be more pictures than words...

Mom and Aunt Sheila checking out the blog book.  Obviously one of my favorite gifts!

The scarf you gave Aunt Sheila matched her outfit perfectly!

I can't wait to go and use this gift card to Barnes & Noble!!!!!

A Bolivian Nativity!

It is a lunch box.  How cool is that?

Jake is in the Nativity!

Now Dad will be able to sleep perfectly.  The light will be blocked out, his mouth won't open-so he won't snore, and he already can't hear!  Hahaha!  And he doesn't even know I took this picture!  Just kidding he does and I am sure he knows I would post it here!