Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve: The Man Cave Reveal.

 One night, a couple of weeks ago, when I couldn't fall I decided we needed to make the school room into a Man Cave.  You see we start the day in the school room but never stay in there and I am not a fan of having a room that doesn't get used that much.  And I knew turning it into a Man Cave for Jake and Aaron would be perfect.

It worked perfectly because a week or two before I had the idea I had put this sign on the door because I had all the gifts out to see what I had and what I still needed to buy...and I had crafts out.  I would go in and get Jake's school books for him-we didn't abandon school completely don't worry!)  So I let Jake in on the idea and he thought it was great.  We worked on it during the day and Aaron never even asked what was going on.  
 There is still a desk and a table in there so we can still work on school in there if we want to of course.  It is a hang out room.  We had to work really hard on Christmas Even to finish it and we were too excited to wait until Christmas morning to show it to Aaron.

As you can see we didn't go out and buy any furniture.  Some day we will get a recliner.  But it all works perfectly for now. 

We also didn't want to mess up the plaster walls trying to hang up the guitar holders so we left that for Aaron to do too. 


 This is the moment when Aaron noticed the poster he had on his wish list on Amazon that he didn't know we ordered.  It is the blue prints for some of his favorite Star Wars space ships, like the Millennium Falcon.

 It was a hit!  Aaron immediately put it to good use by wrapping Christmas presents in there.

While he did that I made some pies for Christmas day and got ready for our Christmas Eve get together.

After he finished wrapping he played his guitar.  I am a genius. :)