Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I pretty much rocked it in August and kept of with the blog!  Because of that I am going to post what little I didn't right now so I can check it off the list as done.

Proof that someone is still making cool toys, because there are some really scary toys out there now.  Bratz dolls?  Whaaaa?  I would have wanted these when I was little.  I may even like it now.  But this is not an addition to my Christmas list.  This is just a memory from August that the world still make toys for children that aren't technology zombies.  (Seriously don't buy this for me.  I am just making a point)

 Our friend Gentry White is living his dream, becoming an actor.  This is him in a commercial from way back guessed it: August.  I just found out he got a reoccurring role in the show Turn (historical drama about the Revolutionary war that Aaron and I love)!  Aaron was his YM's leader at church when he was just a teenager.
 Friends from church needed a babysitter for an afternoon (Leandra, the mommy, had a doctor's appointment and she didn't really want to take all the kiddos with her...they have 5.  One was at his mom's-Leandra's stepson, and the littlest was in my arms).  Babysitting is a piece of cake with Jake.
 Kids love him because he is just a more mature (at times) and  responsible (at times) version of them
I kind of love these pictures.  These kiddos are some of the ones I mentioned that wave to Jake while he is passing the sacrament.

And August is done!...In December so this really isn't the victory I am making it out to be...But it is done.  Checking it off the list.  Now on to the other 11 months of the year!  Yipppeee!  I will keep up with this blog in 2015...I will.  I think if I say it enough it may happen....  :)