Wednesday, December 10, 2014


 *I laid down in Jake's bed and even though I left plenty of room on the other side of me, Sadie still felt the need to lay on me.

When she finally decided to lay beside me she still had to put her head on me.  Check out Jake's clothes on this desk.  He needs to clean his room...again.

*'Tis the season for colds.  Jake had been congested for a few days but it really hit him yesterday afternoon.  This morning I am feeling pressure in my sinuses it is time to break out the cold concoction killer.  That orange on top of the herbal tea bag is the cayenne.  It burns the cold right out of you. 

Jake is coughing and my nose is starting to drip so I think it is time for another mug!  Hopefully we will be feeling better in the morning.

Yesterday we had Chick-fil-a  for breakfast because we had no milk...or bread.  I needed to grocery shop so had a little treat! 

While we were there I remembered again why I love Styrofoam.  It's like a blank canvas!

*While we were at Nee and Papa's I kept getting creeped out by the fall scarecrow.  Doesn't it look like someone is looking in the window?  I am looking forward to the Fall decor being replaced by Christmas decor!

*There are still leaves everywhere and I love it!

*I am changing out the Spring/Summer decor for the Winter (I never got around to year)...

 Here is a sneak preview....I am pretty excited.  More on Winter and Christmas decorating later.  (That is the canvas I was painting over a while ago.  I will show a close up of it when I finish decorating the house for Christmas.  I think I am going to wrap some presents tonight!  (I started this post and forgot to post now I will add more randomness and say:  I didn't...and I was in bed for two days because my concoction didn't work this time.  That is a big bummer for me...but I won't give up on it.  The cold still never went into my chest so that is still amazing!)
 This is what our backyard looked like back in the middle of November....I have so much that I haven't blogged about for the past couple of months..and back in the summer...there are going to be a lot of posts from here until the end of the year...Next year is the year I WILL keep up with the of the important little moments that make up our life.

Jake raking leaves in shorts and a t-shirt.  I love the South.

No filter here...she is just that shiny.  Sadie has channeled the sister she never met (Daisy our Basset Hound who would be 16 if she were still alive) by learning how to howl  a few weeks ago.  We thought one of our neighbors got a hound dog.  Jake said it was Sadie and I just didn't believe it-but he was right. 
 Sadie is amazingly crazy and I love it.  What lab mix (most like with collie) learns to howl like a hound dog at the age of almost 4.  I would have loved to see her the first time she realized she could do it.  I am sure she was amazed at herself.  I love this fur ball.

Look!  I am in the picture!

And here are our pumpkins this year.  We need to take them over to Nana and Papa's and shoot them.  That is our tradition with pumpkins.  Shoot them, not carve them.

I am now going to go back through my pictures and my posts and figure out what I have and have not posted....