Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Randomness...

...because I am on a roll and Jake is doing his math.

 Sadie is an in your face kind of dog. 

Review time.  This is going back several years to recall information to fill in the map....

 And done.  This is a review.  He forgot to 2 but got them with hints. Next step drawing it free hand, adding the capitals and order of statehood.  All from next Friday the end of the 1st semester of 8th/9th grade...Time flies.  He's got this.  Next semester (and into actual 9th grade next school year) the whole world.  Drawn and labeled by memory.  This will take some time.  It will be mastered by the end of the 9th grade.  One continent at time.

Okay Walmart....?  A train of buggies in the middle of the parking lot and no one in sight doing anything with them...I sat in the car for a few minutes (at least 6 or 7) jotting down what I needed to get and still no one.  When I was on my way in a cart guy was coming out but going in a different direction so I mentioned the "train" to him and it turns out the guy before him just didn't finish the job and he had no idea it was even there.  And this is one reason why you don't, and shouldn't, make $15 an hour at minimum wage jobs.

Well hello painted nails.  It has been far too long.  And why?  Something that takes such little time, looks so lovely, and makes me happy should be a priority.  I feel another resolution coming on....
   We are part of a homeschooling group called "Just a Bunch of Friends".  It is a "private group" that you have to be invited to (groups get big fast because there are so many HS families in our community).  It sounds fancy but really it is just a social group that started when some HS moms wanted to get together on a more regular basis (once a month definitely..sometimes there are a couple of activities a month) to have fun with other homeschoolers.  This particular group started with smaller homeschooling families (the trend in HS is to have large families. Hahaha! It isn't really a trend it is just that we are all Christians!) that had tween and teenagers (with just a couple of younger thrown in because of siblings) to get together. It is harder to get together with friends when you have one or two older kiddos and your friends have kids in that age range...and then all the way down to babies.  We got invited to join back in October and have fun with the activities so far (more on that later). 

 Yesterday was the Christmas party and it was pretty fun (small turn out this month).  I took a couple random pictures.  We were supposed to go ice skating yesterday also but the people that were supposed to open the skating rink 2 hours early for homeschoolers didn't show...That was a bummer but we will do it another day...sooon.
 This is over Nee and Papa's bed-their grandchildren.  The pictures are in need of updating so we decided to surprise them with a new one of Jake so it would be up before they got back last night.  We went over to their house (on the way to the airport to pick them up) to run the vacuum and touch up the bathrooms...and of course to complete mission:  new picture of Jake.

This one is from January.  It seems like forever ago!  
   When we opened the frame to put the new one in we found a whole bunch of Jake pictures.  He has changed so much but at the same time he looks so much the same.

And here is the new one which as of right now they have not noticed.  I know this because we put our Christmas card photos on their fridge and they did notice that.  Should we point it out or see how long it takes for them to notice?
 And this is what our Christmas tree looks like with all the lights out. 

I kind of like how little it is.  It doesn't take up too much of the room.  We may just keep the Charlie Brown tree.
 A moment caught in a picture.  My computer and list book.  I am going through pictures on my computer to see what I have and haven't posted.  A mini figure(Lego's are every where), Atari borrowed from Nana that Aaron and Jake have been playing to see what games were like from our childhood, candles in white birch made by Grampa Smith, our Charlie Brown tree on a box to make it look taller, that is covered by fabric from Aunt Gloria that I will sew into a tree skirt, and the Savior in Gethsemane.  This is our life in a moment.  The bowl is Aaron's snack bowl from last night. :)

Sadie likes to distract Jake when he is doing school and yes we let our dog kiss us right on the face.

The school room is still a Christmas workshop and lets face it more often than not we do school in a million different places.

And he is back to it....and I need to get back to it!!!  I just crossed a whole lot off my list of things to do before the end of the year...Now I need to get to the list of things to do today!...It isn't as fun though..