Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More burning leaves...

 ..that I forgot to post about.  In fact this was the first time that they were burning leaves on the "ranch" and I, "the Pioneer Lady" (that is what they call me when I bring them food-like she does on the show), brought them some muffins.

 In the kitchen prepping to bring it out...
 ...and outside! 

Jake was working on a swing in the vines.  It was pretty cool.  The other day (I am actually typing this on 1/10/15...I thought I was done  posting for 2014 and then I remembered this...) Jake was wearing it around his chest while he was out playing with Sadie.  :)

 This was the third time we burned leaves this season.  Well, actually this is after we called the fire department but then told them they didn't have to come after all because the gas had burned down quickly and Aaron and Jake were  able to get the winter hose bib cover off quick enough to get it under control.  Let's see if in 20 years from now Aaron remembers all the details of the story.  It involves him pouring a little gas on the fire, having to throw the gas can
 and then running into the house yelling call the fire department...We can fill in the details whenever we read this again.  These pictures are obviously taken after the calling of 911 and it dying down enough for us all to calm down and not worry about burning down the neighborhood! That is an exaggeration but it was scary for a few minutes!

In the light of day the next day we could see that the darkness of the evening made it seem even more menacing than it really was.

Those are the buckets Aaron and Jake used along with a hose.  It was a little Laura moment in our lives.  At least it wasn't burning down our crops though....or the woods between our house and our neighbors behind us (it didn't even leave our yard-but there were a few tense moments that the blaze seemed like it would!)!