Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Randomness: Part 1

 Jake and I went out and did some Christmas shopping one day and after eating lunch we came out to the Jeep to find this. 

Luckily neither of our cars are fancy enough to have an alarm on it because it would have gone off for sure.

In the arm rest compartment in our Jeep we have a very old granola bar.  Every now and then we check to make sure it is still in there.  It is too old to eat so we should just throw it away but that would take away all the fun of laughing every time we see it is still in there.

Jake still loves putting the ornaments up on our advent tree.

And I still love taking pictures of him doing it.

Here are some pictures of the Christmas going on in our house.

Here is Darth Vader photobombing  the Christmas decoration pictures I was taking.

Aaron was playing his guitar while I was taking these pictures.

And Darth Vader?  He was still photobombing.

And Sadie was sleeping on the big mess of pillows and blankets that is Jake's bed.

When Nee and Papa came back from Bolivia it was time to decorate for Christmas but Nee was still sick and very tired (she was sick from Elevation sickness the whole time they were in Bolivia and came back to having to start using her sleep apnea machine...not fun for Nee at all) so Jake helped out a little.

Jake and Aaron put in a fire pit...these are the beginning blocks.

Aaron racked....

...while Jake loaded and hauled.

 While they did that I took a couple of pictures of the living room on last time with out the new curtains Mom was helping making for me.
 Ok...and also one of the pillows I covered with pillow cases and decorated with a Sharpie, just because I love them.

 ...and my Christmas plates.

The Nativity isn't quit right without Jake's Willow Tree figurine in it, but we did remedy that.

   While the guys raked leaves, and my mom got the king size sheet ready to turn into curtains (my idea because I am way too cheap to buy curtains.  The sheet was $15 at Walmart and made curtains for both windows in the living room), I acted as Pioneer Women (that is what Aaron calls me when they are working outside and I bring them a snack) by making blueberry biscuits...only they were from a mix not homemade...I will make them homemade next time.  You just can't beat $1 packet of blueberry biscuit mix!

 I also did some crafting for my little "when pigs fly" pig to get him in the Christmas spirit too.

 ...But that was a completely different day in December.  Here are the biscuits...

...for these hard working guys....

...and this hardworking Mom.

Later that day they did this....

And a couple of days later I did this:

(this being taking pictures of my new curtains..)

I kind of love them.

...more random December things to come...