Monday, December 29, 2014

Field Trips with Nee and Papa

 (This is from wayyyyy back in September...)

You know you are lucky when you get to have gym class at Planet Fitness with your mom and grandmother...

And when you get to go on two field trips in one day with your Nee and Papa!  We couldn't resist snapping a picture of this little guy (it is a SC thing so you may not understand...) for a friend of ours that is a Clemson fan when we were at a field trip on the campus of USC Upstate.
 We were there to see a World War I display that Nee had contributed some pieces to.  Her grand father Franks (I think...I need to verify this...) was stationed in Germany (for the US) where they were building a bakery.  Nee brought a picture, letter, and blueprints of the bakery that her grandfather brought home from the war.
 USC Upstate was excited with a bigger than expected turn out.

 There were so many cool things to see and it makes me excited to go bake a research the first world war more.

 After that we headed over to the Greek festival....

...where we ate the best fries ever...but the meat was pretty fatty...

 ...but still very yummy.

 But for get about the fatty meat:  The Greeks no how to make some yummy pastries!!

 I have to admit we didn't learn much about the Greeks besides that fact...But that is important to know!
 We also went on a field trip to the Columbia SC Temple with Nee and Papa back in September.  We are going to go again soon.  Nee and Papa go and work at the Temple every Tuesday.  They have to go earlier than the Temple actually opens so we brought along some school reading.
 We read while we had an early dinner waiting for the time we had to be back to the Temple.  Rush's is the place to go when you are going to the Temple.  I wonder how many Mormons leaving the Temple they have served.  More than they know that is for sure!
 We tried to take a selfie in front of the Temple but it didn't really work very well.
 We are pretty lucky to have a Temple so close.  We need to take advantage of that more often in 2015!  I am making a goal right now to go as a family once a quarter next year.  I better start writing these goals all down in one place or I will never remember them all!