Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Festivities

 Keeping tradition alive (we usually do this, but I have absolutely no memory of what we did last it may have been bringing back a tradition...): FONDUE!!!

I could seriously eat this all myself.  I love shrimp but rarely ever eat it.  I am glad I can eat it!  Right after Jake was born I ate it on two occasions and it made me SICK (as in seriously allergic to it sick-throwing up, tingling mouth and tongue...etc)!  But I am not a quitter (and apparently had a death wish since an
allergy to shellfish can be pretty serious...looking back it may not have been the best idea to try it again...) , so I tried it again (a couple of years later...can you be allergic when you are breast feeding and not after that?) and it didn't make me sick!  Woot woot!

These are my sticks people.  Keep your paws off because I am ready to Fon-Due! 

 I am thinking we must be bringing back a traditions because Jake didn't really remember much about it...I had several years of abandoning traditions to survive apparently...?  I thinking a lot of the traditions were put on hold when Aaron went back to school.  It is good to have them back...years later.  Okay I have no idea why we slacked off but we are back baby!

Mom's fancy newer fondue pot was pretty awesome.  Our littler yellow straight from the 70's one seemed to be a little slower in the cooking process (and the Sterno kept going out...).  I think it was probably always a little slower at cooking but we never realized it until we put it next to the mac daddy fondue pot.  It was an air circulation problem on ours but it worked.

I mean look at that thing!  It even holds sauces!

(I love that I typed that and then noticed in the picture it looks like Jake is checking out exactly what I was pointing out...those words were meant to be!)

I know what he is thinking:  Fancy.   Okay he probably wasn't but I sure was.  In fact I am pretty sure I called it fancy that night.

(I say that night because yet again I am typing this on 1/4/15 but post dating it so it looks like I finished it all in 2014.  It still counts so I don't care)

But ours wins in the cuteness department HANDS DOWN!  I love it.  My Nana got it for me and I think gave it to us shortly after we got married when I mentioned we would love one.  I am sure she found it at a yard sale.  I bet this old fondue pot could tell us some stories.  I am just glad that part of the story is that it is from my Nana.  We are missing several of the "sticks" (as in all but 2...) but that is okay.  The yellow(or should I say 70's gold-I LOVE IT!)  pot is the most important part!

This face....It says "is this done"?

 I really should delete some of these...

...but I can't bring myself to do it.


....the biggest....

....dork-oh wait he is actually smiling in this one.  Jake took all those pictures.

And Aunt Sheila's face in this one.  I can't stop laughing!  And this is just chocolate so we know it is cooked all the way! Hahaha!  Candids are the best.

At 9ish we headed home to party hard doing this....

...and this...oh wait we are still just sitting there..

We are party animals!  We are so lame we didn't even drink our Martineli's (sp?...I am too lazy to look it up right now...just like we were to lazy to get up and get the drink) Sparkling Cider.  Next year we are going to do something epic on New Year's Eve at 12:00...which could really be just about anything because we set the bar so low this year! I love us.

                                                             Peace out 2014.
                                    The End.