Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Field Trip!? To BMW...

 The BMW Manufacturing Plant.  Lots of pictures and only a few words.

 November 15th.  Yes we wear shorts and t-shirts sometimes in November.  You now have two reasons to be jealous.  Our weather and the fact that we are touring a BMW plant!!!!  It was pretty cool and I am in no way, shape, or form a car person.

 This car remind me of Luigi from Cars.
 This is Jake and his friend Mitch.

 All these peeps are from our group. 

 The only BMW Manufacturing Plant in the US is in Spartanburg.

 Jake took all these pictures of this black car.  It was his favorite.  I am posting almost all the pictures we took because I don't have time to decide which ones stay and which ones go.  We were only allowed to take pictures in the museum-not in the actual plant which was VERY cool.

I didn't post all he took...there were a bunch!

 I love that you can see Jake in the shiny reflection.

You will never go any where else that has such fancy cars in the parking lot.  The employee deal to buy a BMW is awesome.  I never thought I wanted a fancy, expensive car but if I was rich I would have a BMW.