Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Randomness: Part 2

Our Jeep is struggling...It is a 1995 so that is to be expected but we are doing all we can to revive him.  Aaron changed spark plugs and wires and all that sort of thing.  You see the Jeep stalls when you are driving.  Just in the middle of the road it stalls.  Luckily you can crank it right back up while in drive thanks to a connection that is held together with a paper clip in the engine.

This is the old and new spark plugs side by side.  Jake said the Jeep was running on love when he saw this.

We have been borrowing Nana and Papa's Explorer so we haven't been stuck at home, which is nice.  We went through the drive through at Chick-fil-a one day and as a Christmas spirit boosting thing we paid for the people behind us.  It was a little old lady and doing nice things like this makes you happy like Jake is in this picture.  

Jake went ice skating again on a day that was warm enough to make the ice nice and wet-which also made it nice and smooth.

And my nails were nice and glittery which also boosts Christmas spirit.

  I decorated a couple of mugs with oil paint Sharpies again and they came out super cute.

Then we went back for Jake to skate some more.  When you go skating you can get a stamp and come back to skate more right up until it closes as 9:00.

The next day we had Ethan over to make some Christmas plates and mugs.   

Ethan did a plate and a mug.

Jake wasn't all that into it.  He wanted to get done so they could hang out so he just did a plate.

Here are the mugs I did.

And here are the stirring spoons I made to take to Aaron's work party.

This is how the mugs looks after we baked them.  The red turns kind of burgundy.  I didn't want to give them away because I liked them so much.

I put the mugs and these mason jars in a basket for the work party.  We went to Ruth Chris' Steakhouse and it was delicious!!!  Literally the best steaks we had ever, and will ever eat.  

 The day after the work party and mug/plate making (which was the day after ice skating) there was a homeschool skate day.  It was kind of a busy week.
 Later that evening Aaron caught the way back part of the back yard on fire.  Literally.  This is after it died down, after Aaron had come running into the house yelling for me to call the fire department...luckily it died down enough (Aaron was able to the get the hose on it) that they didn't have to come.

This is just a random picture of Jake in camo and Star Wars watching something on his Kindle Fire.  

And there was working on the Jeep...Jeremy came to check it out.  We brought the Jeep to the shop yesterday.  They are pretty busy so they haven't even had a chance to look at it yet.  I really hope they can fix it for cheap...I am not really ready for a car payment...Not to mention I love my Jeep....

This is the burnt spots in the yard the next day.  It didn't look as bad by the light of day.

This is what Sadie's food looks like in the food bin.

This is what it looks like in her bowl.  Do you see the difference?

She eats all these big pieces out and waits for us to give her more.  She waits a couple of hours and when we don't give her more she breaks down and eat the rest.  She is one wacky dog.

...That we love!

And Jake blowing bubbles in his milk.

Its the little thing that make life fun.  And this creepy picture of Jake with one of his eyes partially closed-that makes life fun too.

More days ticked by....

...And we made some yummy Christmas treats with Nee.

Then it was Christmas Eve!!!...And I am getting closer to being caught up...but not close enough.