Thursday, May 7, 2015

We are dorks

A few reasons why we are big dorks:

My new favorite thing is to read as I speed walk up and down the drive way.  Two birds, one stone.  Reading is one.  And getting steps in is two.  I have lost 5.4 pounds in the past two weeks by the way.

The House of Mirth is really good by the way...

Aaron and Jake enjoy doing math in the evening.  Jake keeps a little list of questions that he doesn't get (and obviously I don't either) and they do them together a couple of nights a week.  But they don't just do the questions.  They also talk about what will be the next step and what it will lead to in more advanced math...I don't understand it but they love it.

We like to play board games that require strategy with our friends...

...while wearing superhero shirts and then we go to see superhero movies on premiere night (last Thursday 4/30 at 10:10pm...not sure how our movie theater was able to show it on Thursday when it technically didn't come out until Friday...).  Avengers Age of Ultron is awesome by the way.  Better than the first Avengers and good enough to see it in the theaters again.  It is that good.

This lady is a big dork too.  She is an obvious Captain America fan.  I can't decide who is my favorite Iron Man or Captain America....

Our movie theater has recliners by the way.

And we are dorky enough to have bought the collectable cups and popcorn bucket. :)