Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 8...A two-fer

On Friday Mom, Aunt Sheila, and I went to Ikea today.  It was a very good trip and not just because of these delicious Swedish meatballs.  My wall of bookcases is now complete in our dining room!  I will post pictures later. This is picture #1 for day 8.

And her is picture #2 for the day!  Aaron and Jake were supposed to go on a father/son camp out on Friday night but Aaron didn't get home early enough for them to go.  They were going to be making a boat out of cardboard, plastic and tape....So we had two huge cardboard boxes (thanks to Brother Tallent who works at Best Buy and brought by a fridge box and a freezer box) in the shed that Aaron and Jake decided to use on a fire in our fire pit (after they came home from going out to dinner together at Bojangles).

And back to Ikea...I bought myself some plants too (and a new apron...and a couple of other things). :)  The bamboo is for Jake.  I told him next time I went to Ikea I would get it for him.

This is the last picture with just the two bookcases..with 3 boxes of new bookcases on the floor just waiting for Aaron and Jake to put together for me!  The bookcases were only $29.99 each.  Mom and Aunt Sheila each bought one for me as an early birthday present!  Thank you!!!!

I had to take all the books off our old bookcases so we could move them.  The new ones are shorter and I wanted them in the middle.  We have a lot of books.

And then back to the boxes...this is how big they were! 

While I was Ikea Jake was hanging out with Papa G and Papa Harmon.  Jake had spent the night at Nee and Papa G's the night before and they watched the movie Paddington.  Jake went to Papa Harmon's to finish a Mothers Day gift for me (I didn't know this at the time) and then he went to the airport with Papa G where he got to drive the Gator and helped with the winch for the gliders. Papa G also took him for a glider ride.  Not a bad field trip!  While he was at the airport he found these little tiny daisy's and picked them for me.  I love my Jake.

Okay that was way more than a two-for-one picture a day in May...this may just keep me up to date a little more. :)