Thursday, May 7, 2015

Baby Steps

I got a Jawbone three weeks ago today.  It tracks my steps and sleep.  It bluetooths to my phone and I can even enter my food.  You see if you take 10k steps and you eat 500 less calories than you burn you will lose weight and I have so far (5.4 pounds to be exact...which I have already said but it is worth saying again).  I am going to keep it real and say that this week I haven't done so great because I am having my period.  Enough said, now moving on.

So in other words I am shrinking my shadow one step at a time!

I am making better choices like bringing a salad to our last day of co-op banquet instead of being tempted by the food there that I couldn't track the calories on.

I park at the back of the parking lot at Walmart because all my steps count!

I am drinking a lot of green smoothies and adding oats makes me feel fuller and it is good for me!

The Sunday after I got my Jawbone it was raining and I don't go to the gym on Sunday so the kitchen was my track.  That is my green smoothie on the island too.

This was lunch one day because my green smoothie kept me pretty full!

Sadie has been reaping the benefits of 4 mile walks too.  She loves the swings on the Rail trail too.

And of course a random picture of some yummy food that is satisfying and healthy!...It looked better after it was done!

Jake rides his bike a lot while I am walking.  Aaron and Jake have been mountain biking a lot lately too.

Jake had to get a new seat for his bike (since his broke) before he and Aaron did all the mountain biking!

I am still replacing my pasta with zucchini or spaghetti squash...

I am on the beginning (again) of a very long journey.  But this time I am making small attainable goals rather than huge long term goals that seem impossible.  My first goal is 20 pounds and I am well on my way!  Baby steps....