Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 12-Blessed

 We are blessed to live in the time we do.  Last night Elder Bednar (one of the 12 Apostles.  Yes, I testify that there are Apostles alive on the earth today thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ) and his wife had a live "LDSface2face" discussion on social media with the youth of the church and the world.  It was all questions put forward by the youth that they answered and it was awesome.  I was still in my work out clothes and not showered so I watched it on while Aaron and Jake went to the church to watch it with the rest of the youth in our ward.  Jake said he wished he could ask the question, "can this be a live show on TV every week?".  I guess he kind of liked it. :)

And just because we are so blessed I had to post this picture.  This is what our day looks like a lot of the time.  Jake and I studying.  I just finished the syllabus for the first semester of the class I am teaching at co-op next year.  American Literature and Composition.  I am more than a little excited and I am reading the books for next year now to prep.  That reminds me...I need to look back and document the books we have been reading.  I even got PTPP Aaron to agree to a picture of him and the books he has read this year.  I better jump on that before he changes his mind...which he may have already done, knowing him! When I told Aaron I finished the first semester syllabus he said, "You wish you were a teacher don't you?"....To which I replied, "I am".  He meant a certified and paycheck receiving teacher and my answer to that question is NO. Not now at least.  I am glad I am the teacher to my child and too those I teach at church and co-op.  Who knows what the future holds down the road?  There is a season for everything...But I would have A LOT of studying to do before that could ever happen since I don't have any degree.  I really think you should earn something by being a homeschooling mom!