Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 10 Mothers Day

This counts as the picture of the day for day 10 which happened to be Mothers Day!

Jake made me a bowl on the lathe at Papa Harmon's and he made me a necklace with Nee. 

Just ignore the grainy picture and the mess on my dresser.  How sweet is this boy of mine?  He said he was going to bring me breakfast at 8:30, but at 7 there was a knock on the door.  He said when he got up he just started cooking and didn't look at the time because he was so excited. 

I am going to have to get him to write over this in permanent marker.  It says, "To the worlds Greatest Mom! Love you J.H. 5/6/15

He made me a fried egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread and my new favorite light Greek vanilla coconut yogurt.  It was delicious!

          Sadie wanted to wish me a Happy Mothers day too...by being there in case I dropped anything!  :)

We rearranged the dining room to make room for another table (and the kiddos still had to eat in Jake's room on his table he builds his Lego's on) to make room for all the Harmon's, Martin's, Graves', and one Smith for a Mothers Day dinner!

Our little house doesn't seem big enough for 16 people but we fill it right up and have a good time!

  We missed the VA Harmon's but took a picture with all the local cousins. 

It was a great Mothers Day weekend!