Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 20: Wrapping it up

 This is Jake's portfolio for his 8th/9th grade year.  We call it that because his core classes are 9th grade level and he gets high school credits for them.  He isn't even 14 yet and he had 4 high school credits earned! He is such a smarty pants. So this year was more like 9th grade than 8th grade.

 We just got his Iowa test results back and he did great.  His weakest areas are in spelling (no surprise at all), and his use of apostrophes, commas, and semi colons. Right there with ya dude! We will review that.  And although his grade equivalent is 12.1 for problem solving and data interpretation in math, he didn't do well at adding or subtracting decimals...?  He must have stopped paying attnetion!  Standardized tests are funny things.  The test shows his grade equivalent in reading comprehension (and his reading total), maps & diagrams, reference materials & sources of information total, science, and social studies are all 13+.

The thickest part of Jake's portfolio is Algebra.  We don't have to keep everything but I do when it comes to math.  This is a 3 inch binder and we have just about run out of space...
 I finished filling these "High School Course Credit Description" forms to put in his portfolio and we are wrapping things up.  We are done with Physical Science and Jake is working on his 2nd to last paper for Literature and Composition.  We are done with vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.  We are planning to finish Math up the middle of June and then start it back up in the middle of July.  The longer break you have from math, the more you have to review.  We are still working on Geography so we are kind of looking at half days from here on out.  Where in the world does the time go?

(Whatttt?  Am I actually up to date on my blogging now? Yep)