Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 18: Death Comes Quickly

This happened over the weekend.  I killed it in a week and a half.  I didn't even water it because Aunt Sheila said to only water it once a month.  So why does it look moldy like I over watered it?  I didn't even see this happening-that is how quickly it happened.  Sorry little plant....

Here is was just a week ago....oh well.

On a happier note I am excited to say that this is all that is left of this Chap Stick.  It is one your have to roll up like lipstick and I really love it.  Aaron put it in my stocking for Christmas and I have actually not lost it and it is almost gone.  That is "a small kind of accomplishment" right? If you knew that I just quoted Elizabeth Bennett than you get a cookie.  I usually lose my lip balm.  I have tons of it because I don't like to feel air on my lips and as I type this I have to hold back the urge to go and put some on...I will in a minute.

And just so you get a better perspective...See how far it rolls down into the tube?  That is how much I used with out losing it.  Some times I amaze myself.

And now I am wondering why the background of both theses Chap Stick pictures look yellow....Hmmm.  No idea.  Okay.  I need to go and put on some lip balm...