Thursday, May 7, 2015

April Randomness...

Dessert at Mom and Dad's house that apparently took place some time in April...

I am not sure why I didn't take a picture of Dad, but he was there!

I went to the homeschool consignment store in Greenville and got the rest the curriculum we need for next year.  It is pretty fun to shop for books.

Jake has grown several inches in the past few months but his feet grow a lot slower.  It was time to demote his old shoes to play shoes and get new ones even though his feet haven't grown.

We have a tradition of running around the store in the new shoes to see if they really are comfortable enough.

Even though his feet haven't grown his head has.  His old youth helmet wasn't doing a whole lot of protecting so we had to replace that too.  Jake thought he should get this one but I thought it would look strange riding his bike down the street like this.  We did find one that fit.

His shoes are pretty awesome.

I decided that Jake's old socks I have been wearing were only better than my old socks, because my old socks were so pitiful.  I was right and I am the happy owner of some adorable new socks that are changing my life!  Who knew I could learn to like shoes just by wearing better socks! How cute are they?

Sadie is a huge beggar and sadly Jake and I encourage this behavior.  If we tell her to go lay down she does...but look how cute she is when she begs.

Sadie and Jake are both happy that she is sleeping in his messy room again.

I like to randomly take pictures of my cute house.  I had to take this one because it is rare for this particular area to be free of clutter.  Places like this seem like a great idea but really they are just an extra surface to put stuff.  I love it though. :)

And look!  Right on the other side is my kiddo doing some school!  I love our ceilings too. :)

Jake was super excited last month when we went to the comic book store and they had a copy of his Darth Vadar comic that had been out long enough that he thought it would be sold out again.  He as really excited to find out that on the very next day the next issue was coming out.

So we went back the very next day and he bought the next one.

Sadie likes to hold hands.  A lot.

For some reason the picture of above won't let me type beside it so I will just type right here...Aaron's cousin, David and his wife Leah are having a their third child in September and they invited us to the gender revel.  It's another girl and I took a picture (David was hoping for a boy since they already have 2 girls) right at the moment it was all sinking in.  He is happy of course and it is okay to be a little disappointed.

Lego's always have to be included when I am posting random moments from life because they are a big part of this boys life.

One of Aaron's childhood friends came in town and he and Jake went to shoot shot guns with him.  Do you see the little indention above the spiders leg on Aaron's Spider Man shirt?  That is were he got shot.  He was shooting something metal and shrapnel came back and hit him.  Some how it didn't put a hole in his shirt but he had a bleeding bruise under his shirt.  I don't understand this....

We went to the Beacon with Aaron's friend and family at the Beacon after that (that is Jake there in the picture below this...but again, for some reason I can't type beside it!) and I have kind of decided that I am just not a huge fan of greasy food.

I am going through every thing in the house and our hall looked like this for a couple of weeks.  It has since moved into the man cave...I am tackling that this weekend while Aaron and Jake are on the Father and Son camp out.

Oh look here is another picture form the Beacon...

Why am I the only one that ever notices when the soap runs out?  The bottle is see through so everyone else should notice the fact that there is not one drop left!!!

There are perks to having your husband being a home builder.  The most recent perk is getting the left over trim that was going to be thrown away!!!

Our Hosta plants are getting so big and pretty!

Aunt Sheila had a thank you party for all the people who helped her move into her house and Aaron and Jake played some chess at it.

My work out buddy is much better at the stair machine than I am!  I Hate it.  Notice the capital H.
Okay!  Well maybe I am close to being done with all the things I should have posted last month...It seems like I have posted a million posts today so I have to be close....(Note to my posterity:  I have not edited any of them.)