Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Whole Bunch of School Stuff...

...from the past little while....

"School For Thought"in April at the library.  They do very cool stuff for homeschoolers and this activity was no exception.  They did Iron Chef and made fruit smoothies.

Some serious work is being done when the hood is up and Sadie is by his side giving moral support.  She does that a lot.

We went to another library in Chesnee where they have a STEM class.

I am so glad Jake has such a good buddy from Co-op.  Ethan is pretty cool.

I feel like I could live in this little library!

It wasn't a competition but Jake's went the farthest.  It was powered with a bike pump.  Pretty cool!  Aaron was jealous when I texted him pictures of what we were doing. 

Jake had to chug the water to have a bottle for his car.  Then he just chugged this one for the fun of it.

After the class we did some school before heading out to lunch with friends.  (Look at this library...I love all the windows into the woods.)

It was a cute little restaurant but not good enough to go back.

Then after that is was homeschool day at the skating rink. 

Co-op ended on April 20th.  It is a bittersweet time of the year!

We had an art show.

And I took pictures of my art class!

The kiddos played.

We had a big lunch to celebrate the last day.

Then on Earth Day we went to the library for a field trip.  Guess who we met there?  Ethan. :)

For it being Earth Day (reduce, reuse, recycle!) they sure did hand out a whole lot of junk for us to take home and throw away!
But we will definitely keep the tomato and pepper plants they gave out for free!