Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 25: Memorial Day

 I didn't take a whole lot of pictures on Memorial but this picture pretty much sums it up.  We ate dinner at Nee and Papa's and Jake thought we should all say something that made America great.  On that list would most definitely be those who died serving their country.  With out them we wouldn't be free.  Everything we all listed came back to freedom.

 I took a picture of the salad I looks very much like the salad I made on Sunday with the exception of there being strawberries rather than raspberries in it. 

Aunt Sheila handed Jake the crescent rolls she made so he could put it on the empty spot on the table.  He thought this was a better place for them.  Right on his plate. :)
I forgot about the salad bowl, but it wouldn't have been big enough for my salad any way so I put my corn in it instead. 

After dinner Aaron and I headed home.  He had work the next day, bright and early. I had neglected to fill my Advair inhaler (and didn't even think about the fact that the pharmacy would be closed on Monday...) so I thought staying away from fireworks smoke (and cigarette smoke) and anything else that might make it hard to breath was a good idea.  Jake went with Nee, Papa, and Aunt Sheila to a free Memorial Day concert followed by fireworks.  After that they swung by the house and Jake loaded up a bag so he could go spend the night at their house. 

I almost forgot that Aaron and Jake had started the day with a bike ride, while I accomplished next too nothing. It was a good day. :)