Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Week of Love: Day 1

This week I am making everyone's favorite meals. I guess I got mine last night! We splurged. We went out to dinner. Don't get me wrong we occasionally hit the Taco Bell drive through, but going out to dinner almost never happens. The last time we went to a sit down restaurant was last summer when we went to IHOP with the Powell's (Jake and I). The last time we all went to a sit down restaurant together was when Nee and Papa got their mission call and we took Papa out to celebrate (Nee was in Uruguay with the Powell's. We opened the mission call on speaker phone...you can see that post here.), and went to Chilli's. That was over a year ago! Last night we went to Olive Garden-one of my favorite restaurants. I had a coupon. (Did you even know Olive Garden had coupons? I got it out of the newspaper.) It was for $4 off....But it is still expensive and I admit I felt a little guilty, but once a year it is okay right? It was a fun splurge to start off our week of love leading up to Valentine's day. Jake watched as a couple left their table and said: "You mean we just leave our plates on the table and they come and clean it off?"...See what I mean by never going out to dinner? We spent the whole afternoon out, again something we NEVER do.Aaron and I both needed new sneakers. It is so hard to buy things like shoes for us. If Jake needs them okay, but we need to really need them to break down and get them. We also made a Target run and got tissues (it turns out Jake takes after me and is allergic to long haired dogs...), and a few things of that nature. We spent time together-the whole afternoon! We lived a little. :) Usually our afternoons consist of homework (Aaron and Jake's) that takes forever (Jake is not a fan...7 hours at school...I don't blame him!), cleaning, cooking, etc. It was a fun way to start the week off. Will it happen again? Not for a LONG time. Maybe when Nee and Papa get back from their mission in August. :) It was not the Family Home Evening I had planned but it was amazing. At dinner we wondered how many of the people in Olive Garden went out to dinner every night...Probably a lot! We made lists of places we would each want to go out to eat if we were rich. It was pretty fun to think of, but what a waste of money going out to eat all the time must be! It is much more fun when it is a treat that only happens...once or twice a year I guess! :) At Target I got my guys a little 1st day of a week of love treat...

Here is part of our new tradition for a week of love....(That we were to busy to even look in this morning since we had to finish some homework that didn't happen last night. Plus the guys didn't know about it since we didn't get to have the planned FHE last night...That is why my mailbox's flag isn't up.) We are going to write little love notes to each other every day this week. I just stuck a kiss and a little post it note folded in half that has something I love about each of my guys inside. Aaron will have to check his tomorrow since today is his school/work day. (We won't see him until tomorrow morning and he left this morning...).

For anyone who is wondering, I got these cute little mail boxes at Target for $1 a piece. I love a deal. :)