Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple Pleasures and another non-resolution bites the dust...

Cocoa over at Chocolate on my Cranium is talking about simple pleasures. This week I think it is safe to say that my simple pleasure is bags...When I met someone I always look at their purse/bag because it says a lot about a person. Small bags mean you are spontaneous. Large bags mean you are prepared for anything. Medium bags mean you are good when put on the spot, because you can make due with what you have. This is not scientific, but I find it pretty accurate....I love bags! It makes me so happy when I am at church and someone comes up to me and says "I have a horrible headache and I hear you are the person to talk too". At which point I say: "Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or Asprin?" That is right I carry all 3. What if someone has a heart attack? I can whip out my asprin and help. I take simple pleasure in being prepared with a bag full of...well everything. What I am really saying is...Yes, it's true, I have broken another one of my non-resolutions (I don't do resolutions-they never happen. Apparently I didn't fool myself by renaming it...) again. I lasted 31 days of my year of not buying another purse/bag....Don't judge me people. This bag is going to be it...To this Aaron (my dear husband) said: "That's what you said about the last one." Good thing he loves me. It's true, every bag I get seems to be the perfect bag I have always been looking for! (Keep in mind I don't have millions of bags. When I buy one I give one away, and I don't buy expensive bags. I once spent $29 on a bag...That was EXTREME for me and I still have that bag 4 1/2 years later...) The last one I got I love, but I couldn't carry my camera in it-it was too slim. And I don't leave home without my camera. Not on purpose at least. So, I am admitting I have a problem. I am a bag-aholic. I am getting better though. I have gone from trendy to utilitarian (that's the right word right? Does what I need it to do...You know what I mean right? Wow, I sound so ignorant right now...). So, it brings me simple pleasure to know that I now have a bag for every occasion and that I am prepared. Does this make me sound crazy? Maybe a little...I am not the perfect homemaker (working on it), I don't have a completely organized home (working on it), and I have lots of things to work on...BUT, If we are at Sam's Club and we decide to eat a slice of pizza but the little tables are all nasty-I can just take out my clorax wipes and take care of the problem...It is a simple pleasure for me to be prepared. I carry a minimum of 2 lip balms-just in case I lose one...Jake left the house for school with out brushing his teeth? No problem-chew some sugar free gum and brush them when you get home! I used to get upset about things like this, but it is no big deal when you are prepared. I can leave the house and feel confident I am ready for just about anything. Here are my top 3 faves...Keep in mind they look way cuter when they are slung over your shoulder. :)

The mom bag:

This bag has served me well. It can hold a full change of clothes if needed. This is my ready for anything bag. This is my go to when I need to go some where quick and need to cover all the bases. It is big enough to throw my everyday bag in and go.

The cute medium size brown bag:
Just a little smaller than the black one but the top zips. Great for traveling. It has little side snap pockets that hold anti-bac wipes perfectly.

The new, every day, not too big, not too small, holds everything I need, built in wallet, place for your iPod, bag. It is way cutter than the picture makes it look. A lady came into Bi-Lo with it and we all fell in love with it. Perfect for jeans and a clean tee and running errands with the Jakester.

I take simple pleasure in my bags. They help me make it through the day and sometimes even help other people through theirs. :)

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