Thursday, February 17, 2011

Highs and Lows

High: Finally have a puppy!
Low: They pee on the floor...But she is doing really good. I have caught her starting to pee a couple of times picked her up, and she stopped and finished outside...

High: The floor is cleaner than ever before!...(in the process at least)
Low: ...because ever bit of paper or dust bunny becomes a tasty nugget for a puppy.

High: I was supposed to work today and I didn't have too.
Low: I didn't have to, because my sweet Jake is sick. Fever and snotty nose and all. Oh joy...

High: Puffs plus with lotion tissues are the best.
Low: We have been through 2 boxes in the past 2 days and there where mountains of them on every surface Jake was close too.

High: Airborne has helped me not get sick in the past and I am chugging it right now....
Low: It is almost gone and going to the store loses all it appeal when Jake is sick.

High: Sadie (the peeing puppy) is finally snoozing! She has been playing all morning..
Low: Time to stop blogging and get some dust bunnies taken care of while she is asleep...sigh. And of course cuddle a sick boy and hope not to get sick in the process...Days off aren't really days off when you are a mommy...But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Have a great day!