Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The book I am reading...and thanks

Tina (my big sis), THANK YOU for recommending the book "A Thomas Jefferson Education". It is exactly how I have felt about education, but states it so much better than I do, and with real facts that make more sense than my rambling. :) I learn more about learning and loving it every page I read and I am only on page 60 something...I should be done by now, but...I can't even come up with a good excuse. Time is the one I will use today! Back to the point that the book brings up so perfectly (and teaches you how to answer the questions): Why is our educational system set up in a way that works to close the minds of our children? Why do they teach to the slowest student? Why do they teach to memorize and regurgitate, rather than actually learn...and love it? I am not liking the shift I have seen in Jake over the past couple of school years, from getting excited about learning, to HATING it...Not really hating the learning, just the process that it is force feed to you in our schools. Hating the coming home from 7 hours of school to have to sit and do homework. I hate it too...But the book I LOVE! Read it, you will too!!! (..and you will probably even finish it before I do...)