Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What did we get for Valentine's Day?

For Valentine's Day I gave Jake and Aaron this:

Aaron gave me this:

Turns out Aaron has been checking the papers looking for a lab puppy for quite some time. I don't know if you can read it. If you can't it is ads for lab puppies for sale. If you can read it, NO we didn't not spend $350 on an AKC lab-not even close! Just the cost of a pound puppy. Aaron told me to call. I did....After 11 months (today) of a dog-less home we would like to introduce you to Sadie:

Sadie is 7 weeks old today and she is a genius. :) After driving only a few exits down the road she started to whine. We stopped and she got out and peed. Jake thinks she is already potty trained. I think (know) he is wrong, but here's to positive thinking! She LOVES Jake already. She really loves chasing him. :)

We gave her a bath. (I can almost hear you going ahhhh...) She looks a lot like Emily, just a little shorter ears...

Look how pretty the sky was on the way to....

...Pet's Mart! We needed food and a puppy collar (we still have Daisy and Emily's old ones so she can wear them as she gets bigger.), and we couldn't bare to leave her alone yet. The food was only $1 more for the bag than at Bi-Lo so we figured it was worth it to not traumatize her right when she got home. :)

Is Sadie adorable or what?!? Thanks Norb and Elizabeth for letting us borrow your dog crate! :)...I will get back around to our awesome Valentine's day feast another time, for now here is another sweet puppy picture. And they say dogs don't smile....I am pretty sure she is smiling. We are. Can't wait for you to get home in the morning to meet her Aaron! Hopefully I will have gotten some sleep... :)