Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brain Declutter...

*I am not ready to put away my Valentine dishes. I don't think I will. We were too busy using them for me to put them in the cabinet, so now we can enjoy them. Don't they look pretty? Don't you love my stack of paper plates? It really dresses up the cabinet. :)

*We had chicken and Pasta Roni Fettuccine Alfredo (fancy I know...I didn't feel like really cooking and this is always a hit at our house). Jake said something about it (can't remember what), but couldn't remember what it was called. He called it some funny name that we swore we would remember forever and we would now call it that...only I already forgot what he called it...It was just last night!!! See how important it is to blog and hold on to those memories?! Maybe Aaron will remember...

*It always bugs me when I look at my blog or other peoples and it says "1 comments". Not that I am perfect in my writing skills, but that just bugs me that the computers can do so much but not drop the "s" until there really is a need for it...Strange the things that bug me. I always comment on peoples blogs when it says that so it won't any more. Plus I always have some thing to say any way... :)

*Do you like garlic? If you do you MUST try these roasted garlic Triscuits. They are seriously delicious.

*I am a big fan of Clorox wipes. They make my life so much easier. Especially right now. Our little Pee-paw is trying really hard to make it to the door when she has to go...Sadly several times a day that is as far as Sadie makes it. By the back door I have a roll of paper towels and Clorox wipes that I use several (hundred) times a day...At least it is tile and not carpet...

*This is Aaron getting ready to take a snooze. He is not sleeping-he hid his face. I told you he is a P.T.P.P (picture taking party pooper)

*I made my bed this morning. :) I know that a lot of people do that every day, but when I get out of bed, Aaron is getting home from work to get into bed. This morning (last night was one of his nights at home) I actually made it. And then I took a picture of it because it made me so happy. My body pillow also makes me so happy. It takes up the space in bed that Aaron usually would, and it is cute too. So glad that I snapped the picture before realizing that the can of Diet, Caffeine Free, Dr. Pepper that Jake drank while hanging out in our bed when he was sick and his stomach hurt...That means it has been there a week...I think I will pick that up today!

*I have come to the conclusion that people who talk in 3rd person are egotistical. I have no scientific proof to back this up, but everyone I know who does it really loves themselves A LOT...Just saying. I told Aaron this and now he is doing it just to annoy me. Thanks Aaron! :)

*I love Jake's door. I want to decorate every door in our house to show the personality of the person that inhabits its space.

*I also love the difference it makes when you put your personality up on the wall. This is Jake's homework station. It is usually cluttered. But, I don't notice the clutter as much since I put the pictures up above it...Or maybe it is because the rest of the house is all cluttered too.

*I had lunch with Jake yesterday at school and listened to one of his "friends" lie like crazy. Everything we talked about he had an outrageous story to go with it. For example, Jake was talking about his new puppy and this boy said he had 12 puppies but now they are dead because the big adult dog ate them all and his father has it on video...I asked why they would video tape it and not stop it. More lies followed and I just chuckled and told him I didn't believe him. Really I wanted to say you are a crazy little person...And I don't mean good crazy either....

*No matter how many toys Sadie has, her favorite still seems to be Jake's flip flops...Where does she find them?

*Whoever invented these should win the Noble Peace Prize...My hands thank you.